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Flathead Valley Community College Bookstore makes it easy to find the textbooks you need for every class.

For each class, simply select the Term, Department, Course and Section to see a list of the required and optional texts and materials as specified by your instructor.

If the price is $0.00 we don't have the book in stock yet. We'll contact you and let you know how much the book will actually cost before we charge you.

If you choose to pick up your order you will receive an email when your order is ready
Note: the email may be sent to your Eagle Mail address instead of the address you provide

If you choose to have your books shipped they will be shipped within a business day after you receive the email informing you that your order has been processed.

Rental Notes:

  • All books rented for the Fall Semester must be returned to the Bookstore by 5:00 pm May 11th, 2017.
  • If there are any book rentals in your transaction you must pay by credit card. If you want to rent and charge to financial aid you'll have to come in to the Bookstore.
  • Your credit card will be charged a replacement fee and service fee if any rented books are damaged or not returned on time.

RedShelf eBook Notes:

We strive to provide the most accurate information possible, but accuracy is not guaranteed. For various reasons the books for classes can change. Prices may also change. The FVCC Bookstore is not liable for purchases made from other sources using the information provided on this site.

We are now accepting handwritten book reservations for the Summer 2017 semester and Fall 2017 semester. Just print it, then mail, fax, or email it to us or drop it off at the store. Summer semester reserved books will be available to pick up May 25th & 26th (May 24th for Libby), and Fall semester books will be available to pick up August 22-24.

The below “Search By Course” function will tentatively be available for the Summer Semester by May 1st, and for the Fall Semester about a month before classes start.

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