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Buyback and Return Policies

Book Buy Back Policy

  1. Student ID required.
  2. The Bookstore cannot guarantee the buy back of any books at any time.
  3. We pay 50% of the current new price for books to be used in the coming term. Overstocked books do not qualify for the 50%.
  4. If student owes the college money then buy back funds are posted to student's account.
  5. Textbooks not purchased at the FVCC Bookstore are not eligible for Book Buy Back.
  6. The best national wholesale prices available will be offered for books which are not in use on our campus or are overstocked.
  7. Study guides, books with questions and answer spaces filled in and reproduced materials are not bought back.
  8. Book buy back periods are limited to the week of finals.
  9. Books classified as old editions and out-of-print may have no monetary value to the Bookstore or the used book dealer; you may want to keep them for reference, or donate.

Return Policy on Books

  1. Books must be returned during the first two weeks of class for a full refund.
  2. All refunds or exchanges require the cash register receipt -- No exceptions.
  3. Be sure you return the book immediately if:
    1. You have the wrong book.
    2. You dropped a class or class was cancelled.
    3. You decide you don't need the book.
  4. Price stickers must be left on textbooks.
  5. After the first two weeks of the term, textbook returns must be made within three days of purchase for a full refund.
  6. Textbooks purchased for short interim or late starting block classes have a three day return policy, three days from the beginning of the class.
  7. New books must be in mint condition.
    1. No marks or blemishes.
    2. Clean pages.
    3. No folded corners --No exceptions.
  8. Caution: Do not write in a new book until you are sure it is the correct text book.
  9. Any defective new or used book must be exchanged at least 4 weeks before finals.
  10. New textbooks which are shrink wrapped may not be returned if unwrapped.
No exceptions will be allowed.