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Textbook Reservation Notes:

  • Fall 2018 Semester
  • For the Fall Semester we are currently accepting online and handwritten orders. To do a handwritten reservation, download the fillable pdf, then mail, fax, or email it to us or drop it off. Fall Semester books that are reserved with a handwritten reservation can be picked up August 15-28.
  • If you order online you will receive an email when your order is processed and ready to pick up.
  • You can pick up online orders as soon as you receive an email informing you that your order's been processed, and your books will be held indefinitely - you don't need to pick them up by August 28th.

Rental Notes:

  • All books rented for the Fall Semester must be returned to the Bookstore in Kalispell by 5:00 pm December 18, 2018. We have a very short period of time to get the books returned to our vendors before the winter break, so there will no exceptions.
  • If there are any book rentals in your transaction you'll need to provide a credit card number. You can still charge to financial aid, but if you don't return the book in time your card will be charged.
  • Your credit card will be charged a replacement fee and service fee if any rented books are damaged or not returned on time.

RedShelf eBook Notes:

Book Buy-Back Policy:

  • Student ID required
  • The Bookstore cannot guarantee the buy back of any book
  • During finals week we usually pay 50% of the new book price if:
    • The instructor has ordered the book for the following semester
    • We have not yet met our quota
    • We can sell the book used (books sold with an access code don’t qualify)
  • The best national wholesale prices will be offered for books which we cannot buy for use on the FVCC campus
  • Study guides, workbooks, loose-leaf books, damaged books, and old editions are generally not bought back (if it can’t be reused & there’s no national demand then it won’t be bought)
  • Book buy-back is during finals week each semester