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Textbook Reservation Notes:

  • Spring 2018 Semester
  • For the Spring Semester we are currently accepting online and handwritten orders. To do a handwritten reservation, print it, then mail, fax, or email it to us or drop it off. Spring Semester books that are reserved with a handwritten reservation can be picked up Jan 16-18.
  • If you order online you will receive an email when your order is processed and ready to pick up. We will process credit card orders as the books become available, and we'll begin processing financial aid and 3rd party orders 2-3 weeks before classes start.
  • You can pick up online orders as soon as you receive an email informing you that your order's been processed, and your books will be held indefinitely - you don't need to pick them up by Jan 18.

Rental Notes:

  • All books rented for the Fall Semester must be returned to the Bookstore by 5:00 pm May 17th, 2018.
  • If there are any book rentals in your transaction you'll need to provide a credit card number. You can still charge to financial aid, but if you don't return the book in time your card will be charged.
  • Your credit card will be charged a replacement fee and service fee if any rented books are damaged or not returned on time.

RedShelf eBook Notes:

Book BuyBack Policy:

  1. Student ID required.
  2. The Bookstore cannot guarantee the buy back of any books at any time.
  3. We pay 50% of the current new price for books to be used in the coming term. Overstocked books do not qualify for the 50%.
  4. The best national wholesale prices available will be offered for books which are not in use on our campus or are overstocked.
  5. Study guides, books with questions and answer spaces filled in and reproduced materials are not bought back.
  6. Book buy back periods are limited to the week of finals.
  7. Books classified as old editions and out-of-print may have no monetary value to the Bookstore or the used book dealer; you may want to keep them for reference, or donate.